Dyno day results
September 9 2000 and March 3 2001 and October 6, 2001

My Dyno results comparison

The combined chart below is 1 run each from the September 2000, March 2001 and October 2001.  The Hose Replacement Project was done between the first two Dyno days. The project was really all maintenance and no performance work so it is hard to explain the increase in HP and torque. The only slightly performance oriented work was a little intake grinding. I only did hand work with a die grinder and could not reach the whole length of any of the intake runners.  The repaint job on the intake is the only logical explaination..nudge, nudge...wink, wink.

Between the March 2001and the October 2001 dyno runs the Motor Mount Project  was done which included the Devek Stage II headers which might show some horsepower changes.  I have not yet done the mixture fine tune that might eeck out those last few horses that the headers should yeild.