Everyone is probably familiar with the Cocktail Glass in the West Hills and so when we moved into a house in the same area we figured we should have something similar to share with the city for the holiday season.

It's not that simple to make a decoration that is visible and recognizable from blocks away. In the interests of cost and the builders sanity a simple shape would be good.

Well cookies have simple shapes so looking through the kitchen drawer up pops the Christmas Wreath, can't get much simpler than that, circles, yeah!


How many bulbs are up there?
Well, there are 700 sockets, but there are a couple dozen not filled from fine tuning the image and of course there is about one more burned out bulb per week.
How big is that?
The ourter circle is 16 feet across.
How far away can you see that?
It looks like a bright spot from the east side of the river, but from about SE 20th over to the west side it looks like a wreath if you look hard.  It is most enjoyable from the Marquam Bridge headed west and around the PSU area.

How much power does that use?
Well last year it measured 2690 Watts, yes that is more than one circuit worth of power.  For the autophiles 3.6 HP.  We do have a timer so we use the minimum electricity per season.